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Making Your Home A Workspace

Guide to make your home office workable!

Kicking The Tires

You have two early 30’s pre-sales engineers neck deep in the massive sea of enterprise content management. Both found themselves uprooting their lives; one heading 7600 km north originating at Sao Paulo to the Empire State and the others journey began in Calgary trekking 3300km to Boston. Unknowing the two would cross paths working for a software giant along side some of the most talented minds in the software industry.



Project Stella

You are working with on premise solutions everyday, you know them and trust how they work. These are secure and trusted solutions that have been around for decades. On the other hand you are most certainly already using a SaaS solution, whether the end game is to eliminate all on premise solutions with a SaaS product or not these old applications are very sticky. How can you leverage these new cloud based products in your environment without migrating terabytes of data and reconstructing business logic?

Project stella started when Bruno and I began to discuss this problem, we wanted to construct an architecture which could help solve this. Our idea manifested after just a couple Stella Artois’.

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